Mods Database

Mod Title Version Description Author Location
Enable HTML 1.2.3  Allows authorized users to post full HTML (including javascript) in posts/signatures on a phpBB3 forum. This is a major security vulnerability and you should NEVER allow any user to post HTML. It has a new forum permission which allows you to specify specific users or groups who can post HTML in specific forums and a user permission which allows the posting of HTML in all forums. This also allows users who have HTML in their signatures to have that HTML be displayed (but only in forums where they are authorized to post HTML). Any previously posted HTML code will be shown as well if the user has been authorized to post it in that forum.   
Evil quick reply 0.1.5  This modification will add a hidden quick reply form to the bottom of the viewtopic page. It adds a "Quick reply" image next to "Post reply", that will display the quick reply form when clicked. The goal of this MOD is not to offer as many features as possible, it's built to be as simple as possible. This MOD used to be called "Simple quick reply", but was renamed because the original author of phpBB2's simple quick reply asked me to do so. eviL<3   
Filebase 2.0.0 RC3 Adds the possiblity to allow groups to upload files which are managed in categories. Features: User can upload files User can comment files * new * Admin can add user defined fields * new * Admin can manage categories, files and general settings over ACP Files can be downloaded, or reported if the are illegal oder broken jumper85   
Forum Adds Management 0.01 Beta Displays advertisements in the viewtopic screen. You can choose the forums where the advertisement will be shown, you can even choose who can see the advertisement (guest or registered). You can set where the advertisemt appears (top, bottom or after every post). Furthermore all adds will be displayed randomly. This mod is exclusively part of Portal XL 4.0. DaMysterious   
Genders 0.1.3  This MOD will allow your members to specify their Gender. They can chose between "Male", "Female" and "None specified". eviL<3   
Imprint management 0.1.4  Adds a Imprint page with fully configuration via Portal ACP to the forum. tas2580   
JavaScript-based PNG fix v1.0  Correctly handle PNG transparency in Win IE 5.5 & 6. Bob Osola   
Last post topic title 1.0 RC1 With this MOD you can display the title of the last post on the forum starting page. nickvergessen   
Links management 0.01 Beta You can create/edit/move/delete a custom link Item. This menu block can be switched on/off. Path is relative to the forums root directory, i.e. "" for a external link. This mod is exclusively part of Portal XL 4.0. DaMysterious   
META Tags 0.01 Beta Welcome to the META Tags managment. These tags allow you to give a description of your website to the search engine to allow them indexing your site. It is why, you should take attention. Furthermore of referencing, these tags allow other options such as automatic redirect to another URL. This mod is exclusively part of Portal XL 4.0. DaMysterious